A year after Internet.org launched for the first time in Zambia, Facebook has announced that the service is scaling up.
Internet.org provides free internet access to basic websites in developing countries.
Before today, Facebook and Internet.org only worked with select mobile networks to make its services available. Now any carrier can sign up to partner with the organization to provide basic internet services for free.
new portal allows them to sign up and includes technical tools along with best practices to get new partners started.
The organization said that people using its service accessed health services more than a million times in the past month in its existing countries.
Internet.org came under fire earlier this year for going against net neutrality, since the service only provided access to a select number of sites. In response, it made available a developer platform for any site to build in support.
Making available a portal and application process should dramatically increase the countries in which Internet.org’s services are available.
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